at CAST ALIMENTI (Brescia)

The courses are for hoteliers, caterers and restaurateurs.

Creative Mediterranean cooking course, combining innovation and tradition

During this course, the instructor will present a range of proposals for a traditional menu, with the possibility of managing the dishes with traditional cooking methods, but also in a more rational way, using today's modern technology. Explaining and using new equipment: Pacojet, microwaves, vacuum packing, blast chillers and triple ovens. Understanding how to integrate traditional cuisine with new developments, depending on the target customers and one’s own production requirements. Many different types of meat and fish are used to prepare both cold and hot dishes, from starters to main courses, giving importance to consistencies and flavours, to the combination of spices and aromas, without ever forgetting the key aspect of flavour and quality.

Finger food and aperitif course

An incredibly wide selection for all occasions: aperitifs, buffets, cocktail parties, happy hours. Plenty of tasty and original ideas for these small, simple and intriguing delights. Chef Cappuccio presents a variety of ideas, with recipes and suggestions even on how to best present the food; from the more traditional options to be eaten with the fingers or as a canapé, to alternatives presented in small glasses, bamboo or Plexiglass cones, in straw paper packages, in filo pastry cones, in small bowls, on skewers or served on spoons.

Course on how to cook using low temperatures and vacuum techniques

Course on how to cook using low temperatures. Course on vacuum techniques and using them to store and cook food, Pacojet and blast chillers.

Banqueting course

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